Problem and Issue Resolution

Document Title Date
Mounting a DAX XFS file system can return "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock, missing code page or helper program, or other error" 09 Apr 2020
dmesg reports "DAX unsupported by block device. Turning off DAX." during boot or mounting file systems 09 Apr 2020
Executing "ndctl disable-dimm nmem0" returns "nmem0 is active, skipping.." 09 Apr 2020
ndctl returns "error while loading shared libraries. cannot open shared object file. No such file or directory" 09 Apr 2020
Executing "ndctl destroy-namespace" returns "Error. namespace0.0 is active, specify --force for re-configuration" 09 Apr 2020
Executing "ndctl create-namespace" returns "failed to create namespace. Resource temporarily unavailable" 09 Apr 2020
Executing 'man -k ndctl' returns "ndctl. nothing appropriate." 09 Apr 2020
Executing "ipmctl delete -dimm" returns "Erase failed. Error (290) - Unsupported" 09 Apr 2020
Executing "ndctl sanitize-dimm" returns "security operation not supported" 09 Apr 2020
Executing "daxctl offline-memory daxX.Y" returns "Failed to offline" 09 Apr 2020
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