Creating a changelog

Theme comes with two different changelogs, timeline and post style.

Timeline style changelog

Timeline changelog can be added to a page using an include and its data is pulled from a _data/changelog.yml data file. This changelog is suitable for simple lists of changes.

Add changelog to a page using the following include:

{% include changelog.html %}

Changelog enties are added in _data/changelog.yml:

- title: Version 0.6.0
  date: Aug 15, 2017
  - Added style support for radio and checkbox in Firefox
  - Removed class from Section component

Post style changelog

This changelog is suitable for changelog entries with more content beyond simple lists adding text and media.

Post styled changelog is displayed by setting layout: changelog in page YAML Front Matter:

layout: changelog
title: Changelog
permalink: /changelog/

Changelog enties are added by creating posts in _changelog:

title: January Updates
date: 2019-01-22

{% include tag.html tag="added" %}
- Some scheduled changelogs, tweets, and slack messages queued up this weekend and were not published on time. We fixed the issue and all delayed publications should be out.
- We now prioritize keywords over title and body so customers can more effectively influence search results
- Search engine upgraded. Bringing with it enhancements and bug fixes.
- Replaced login / registration pre-app screens with a cleaner design

{% include tag.html tag="fixed" %}
- Fixed an issue with the sync autolinker only interlinking selectively.
- Fixed up an issue with prematurely logging out users

Tags can be modified in _data/tags.yml:

  text: Added
  color: "#3778ff"

  text: Changed
  color: "#3aaa55"
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